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The Laver Association of Jiangsu Province was established in Nanjing in Feb 15th, 2003. It is the first civil and provincial laver association in China. It aims to improve the organization degree for the development of the business.

In Oct 16th, 2017, our manager attended the meeting of the laver association. From the meeting, we learnt that there were seven hundred and eleven thousand cartons of dried seaweed entering the market from Dec,2016 to Apr,2017. And trading volume was five hundred and nineteen thousand and three hundred. Its turnover ratio was 73 percent. The average knock down price was ¥68.92/100 sheets.

Compared to the market in Jan,2016, the dried seaweed entering the market decreased one hundred and seventy thousand cartons. The trading volume reduced to two hundred and sixty-one thousand and six hundred. However, the average price in the market increased by 17%.