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  • What Is The Advantage Of Your Soy Sauce In Small Bottle?

    You could use it up quickly so that it isn' t easy to produce bacteria.which distorts the original taste of soy sauce.

  • What is soy sauce made of?

    The key ingredients of soy sauce is wheat, soybeans, water, salt.

  • What's the difference between light soy sauce and dark soy sauce?

    Light soy sauce is light in color, and thin in viscosity. it is saltier than dark soy. Dark soy sauce is thicker, and slightly less salty then light soy sauce. It is also darker in color.

  • Do we need to refrigerate soy sauce?

    Soy sauce is fermented and does not need to be refrigerated , but this way can retain flavor as long as possible.

  • Can soy sauce spoil?

    Yes it can , but usually it will not spoil during the shelf-life.

  • Is soy sauce vegan friendly?

     As we can see from the ingredient it is actually vegan friendly.

  • ڇا توھان پنھنجي سويا ساس کي شراب کان پاڪ ڪري سگھو ٿا؟

    ها اسان ڪري سگھون ڀا.

  • ڇا توهان وٽ شيشي جي بوتلن ۾ سويا ساس آهي؟

    اسان وٽ سويا ساس آهي شيشي جي بوتلن ۾ 100 ml، 200 ml ۽ 410 ml.

  • What’s the difference between chinese soy sauce and japanese soy sauce?

    The main difference between the two is the brewing process and the raw materials used for brewing are also different.

  • Do you have low suger soy sauce?

    Well, maybe in the future.