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5 Tips you must know before choosing soy sauce

Sijhawm: 2021-04-13 Ntaus: 3

We may use the soy sauce every single day, but some of us actually know nothing about choosing soy sauce,today let us introduce some tips for you.

First ,of course qhov ntau lawm and expiry date .

Second ,Look at the quality index and the color; good soy sauce will create a lot of bubbles when shaken, and it is not easy to disperse. You can also smell it. Good soy sauce has a strong ntxhiab .

Third,Look at the label . From the muaj ntawm lub kua ntses, you can identify which one is fermented soy sauce or blended soy sauce.

Fourth, set koj ua noj purpose clearly. Soy sauce should be marked for serving or cooking. The hygienic indicators of the two are different, and the colony index is also different. It can be eaten directly for accompaniment, and has good sanitary indicators. If it is for cooking, it should not be used in cold dishes.

Fifth,Look at the color. The color of normal soy sauce should be reddish brown, and the color of good quality will be slightly darker, but if the color of soy sauce is too dark, it means that caramel pigment is included in.