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Salsa de soia
  • 23 2018-10
    The Developing History of Soy Sauce

    Like other soy foods, soy sauce has a long and wonderful history of use in many cuisines, especially cuisines in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Indonesi,a and the Philippines. The Chinese......

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  • 31 2018-01
    Influence of soy sauce in cooking

    Soy sauce is not just for Japanese food, it’s used for all kinds of cooking. Whether it’s for precooking, cooking, or finishing touches, adding just a little soy sauce makes a meal taste.....

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  • 23 2018-01
    How to Choose the Best Soy Sauce, Or is It Tamari?

    Growing up I associated soy sauce with stir fries and sushi. My parents didn’t use it often because it was too salty. But as an adult, soy sauce has become associated with umami, or the.....

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  • 13 2017-12
    Fermented Soy Sauce And Blended Soy Sauce

    As we all know, the fermented soy sauce should brewed in three to six month. However, the blended soy sauce only need ten hours! It is not in accordance with national standards and is harmful .....

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  • 13 2017-12
    Soy sauce brewed in six months

    ​Samuel Wells Williams, the great Sinologist, wrote in 1848 that the best soy he tasted in China was “made by boiling beans soft, adding an equal quantity of wheat or barley, and leaving .....

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