• 02 2019-08
    All purpose-seasoning-HON TSUYU

    Today,I would like to introduce an all-purpose seasoning for you.It is called HON TSUYU (CONDENSED SOUP).And it is widely used in Japanese.....

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  • 07 2019-06
    The Dragon Boat Festival

    Today is the Dragon Boat Festival,which is one of the most important traditional festivals in China.It is on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every.....

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  • 28 2019-05
    2019 THAIFEX - World of Food Asia à Bangkok en Thaïlande

    Being invited by our partner, we will attend 2019 THAIFEX – World of Food Asia in Bangkok Thailand from May 28th to June 1st,.As one of the region’s largest food and beverage trade.....

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  • 20 2019-05
    The Development Of Vinegar

    As we all know,being the sour coniment,vinegar is made of grains such as sorghum,rice,corn,wheat.sugar and alcohol. Vinegar appeared before Zhou Dynasty,which was called"zuò" in ancient .....

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  • 11 2019-05
    2019 SIAL CHINE

    Du 14 au 16 mai, Nantong Chitsuru Foods Co., Ltd participera au SIAL CHINA 2019.En tant que plus grand et 3e plus grand salon d'innovation alimentaire d'Asie ......

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  • 29 2019-04

    En mai prochain, Nantong Chitsuru Foods Co., Ltd.est honorée d'assister à 2019 SEAFOOD EXPO GLOBAL / SEAFOOD PROCESSING GLOBAL à Bruxelles ......

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  • 02 2019-01
    Nouvel an 2019, nouveau départ

    Ici, nous exprimons nos sincères remerciements à tous pour votre soutien au travail. Nous garderons et fournirons un service plus professionnel ......

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  • 09 2018-11
    How to make Sukiyaki in home

    There are only two months before the New Year and it gets colder and colder.However, it’s better if we could enjoy warm food and soup in home when enjoying the snow scene outside......

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