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  • Is The Wasabi Very Spicy ?

    We do not add the chemical spicy, we keep it original flavor.

  • What Are The Advantages Of Brown Rice Vinegar?

    It is not only the condiment but also the health care product.

  • Where Can Buy High Quality Roasted Seaweed?

    Pls choose Chitsuruya brand. The seaweed we selling according to strictly processing. We followed ISO9001; HACCP standards to keep the foods safety & Clean. The good roasted seaweed has these features: dark green, flavor, tenacity, no alga in the sheet, no hole or broke sheet. Wants know more, pls contact:

  • How Long Does Opened Teriyaki Sauce Last In The Refrigerator?

    Teriyaki sauce that has been continuously refrigerated will generally stay at best quality for about 1 year.

  • Is Opened Teriyaki Sauce Safe To Use After The Expiration Date?

    Update Time:2017-12-26
    Yes, provided it has been stored properly, the bottle is undamaged, and there are no signs of spoilage (see below) - commercially bottled Teriyaki sauce will typically carry a Best By," "Best if Used By," Best Before, or "Best When Used By" date but this is not a safety date, it is the manufacturer's estimate of how long the Teriyaki sauce will remain at peak quality.

  • How Can You Tell If Opened Teriyaki Sauce Is Bad Or Spoiled?

    The best way is to smell and look at the Teriyaki sauce: if the Teriyaki sauce develops an off odor, flavor or appearance, or if mold appears, it should be discarded.

  • How To Choose Pickled Ginger?

    If you want to talk about Japanese foods you need to know about pickled  ginger.
    Ginger roots have thin or thick skins, depending on their level of maturity when they were harvested. You should check these out when you buy your ginger to make sure they look healthy and mold-free, and peel the skin off before you use it.
    Young ginger roots are very juicy, yet mild. You can enjoy young ginger pickled (like when you eat sushi) .

  • Why Is Sushi Ginger Is Pink?

    Sushi is all about the experience: its taste and its presentation. So why not make the ginger that accompanies each piece pink? Unfortunately,when traditionally prepared, sushi ginger typically has a pale yellow to slightly pink hue from the pickling process, but only very young ginger will develop that slight pink tint. Young ginger is generally preferred for the making of ginger because of its tender flesh and natural sweetness. So why the almost neon pink color Americans are so accustomed to seeing? In the best case, it’s the result of very young ginger.In the less than best case, it’s the result of commercial production that has utilized artificial coloring either to intensify the color or because the ginger used was simply too mature to naturally turn pink upon pickling.

  • How To Choose Dried Seaweed (Material Of Roasted Seaweed) Of High Quality?

    High grade dried seaweed: Commonly, good dried seaweed is of dark black and brown color and very bright.
                                                It tastes fragrant, tender, a little sweet and no peculiar smell.
                                                In appearance, a piece of seaweed is smooth and no damaged. 

                                               Also, it has well-distributed thickness and neat edge. No spot! No green algae! 

    (As shown below)
    Low grade dried seaweed: It is of yellow color and has no brightness.
                                               It tastes old and no fragrant.
                                               In appearance, a piec of seaweed is damaged and not smooth. 

                                               Also, it is mixed in diatoms and green algae and has spot.

    (As shown below)

  • What's The Difference Between Korean Seaweed And Chitsuruya Seaweed ?

    Korean seaweed is too crisp to make sushi and the tastes not so delicious.

  • How To Get The Gulfood Entrance Ticket For Free?

    For all  Gulfood visitors with your convenient,we can provide you the free entrance ticket in Gulfood 2018 if you don't have the ticket until now.Please contact with us(Email:, if you are interested in it .Thanks.

  • Do You Know The Expiry Date For Gulfood Ticket In 2018?

    The expiry date for free gulfood ticket is 13rd ,Feb.And it also has the limited for the number of people.Please contact us asap if interested.

  • The Origin Of Chinese Spring Festival .

    Lunar New Year , the most solemn of traditional Chinese folk festivals. First day of the first lunar month in the traditional Chinese lunar calendar, known as the Moon, commonly known as "New Year" and "New Year." The long history of the Spring Festival, which originated in the Shang period the year draws to a close servicemen and the memorial activities. According to China's Lunar, the first day of the first lunar month yen ancient name, Yuan-chen, a copy, is Emperor, the New Year Day, which is commonly known as Day of the Republic. switch to the Gregorian calendar, the calendar on January 1 as New Year's Day, January 1st called the Lunar Spring Festival.



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