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We aim to do so at a fair price to the consumer without compromising on quality andalways maintaining a high level of customer service.

Chitsuruya Enterprise was established in January, 1996, relying on exquisite natural resources to botain and manufacture superior products. Now, we provide roasted seaweed, soy sauce and other related seaweed products.

Entering into partnership with Japanese Fujimasa Co., Ltd. in March, 2001 and formedNantong Chitsuru Foods Co., Ltd.To strive to enter into the intemational market, based on original products, we in troduce world advanced specialized equipment and constantly develop new & improved prodcuts.

Specialized in manufacturing seaweed, seasoning(soy sauce, vinegar, mirin, noodle sauce, barbecue sauce...), wasabi, sushi ginger & series of Japanese foods products, Nantong Chitsuru Foods dedicates to meeting contemporary people’s demand of traditional, healthy and natural foods.

Currently, Chitsuruya, Senetsu & Edozen products have been developed more than 100 types of products and exported to more than 30 countries.

The business also adopted BRC, HACCP& ISO 9001 international quality certificates.

May Chitsuruya products transform into millions of cranes to bring you luck, health and also becomes your health, happiness & good companion.




Qianhui Trading moved to new office, the top CBD building in Nantong City.


We attend to Anuga show in Germany and be the sole agent of Kewpie brand export to South Africa.


We attend to Sial show in France, New version of webstie.


Our Head office was moved in Nantong City, and we attend to Anuga show in Germany.


Chitsuru Foods factory was established,and started to export seaweed products to other countries.


The application of brand "Chitsuruya" was approved.


Chitsuruya developed seaweed seasoning independently,and using it for products.


Qidong Qianyue Foods Co.,Ltd.was established.We enter into partnership with japanese Fujimasa Co.,Ltd.We become the supplier of" S.K"company and "NBF"(Thailand) from the establishment of our company.


September Brand "Edozen' was registed.


We bring in the equipment of seasoning production,and we started to manufactory the seasoning products.


We attended Anuga show in Germany.


We attended Sial Show in France.


Chitsuruya new factory stated to build.We attended Anuga Show in Germany.


Nori (seaweed)factory moved to new factory.Brand "Waraku"was registed successfully.


We brought CIP cleaning system and membranes filtration system in to our factory.


The development of Asazuke Nor Noto (light pickling base) was successed.


We started to pay more focus on domestic market. We started to supply customized products to Zhuruo Japanese food restaurant in Shanghai.


We attended WorldFood show in Moscow. We Attended Sial Show in France.

The origin of the 'chitsuruya' : LvSi, the birthplace of the seaweed, the experiment of the seaweed cultivation was successful in LvSi in 1973.

LvSi was also named 'crance city' - the legend was that dongbin had come by the crane for four times, and this place has been called 'LvSi' (Lv, four times) since then. Because our brand was born in LvSi, coupled with our company development direction, based on Japanese cuisine, the Japanese pronunciation souds was adopted as our brand, ‘chitsuruya’.


The origin of the "WARAKU" : In order to diversify the product, we created the "WARAKU" brand.

The origin of the "SENETSU":The leader of the company wants our company to evolving constantly,we created the "SENETSU" brand to clear our direction.

The origin of the "EDOZEN": According to history, the origin place of the seaweed called "EDO", which is Tokyo now. But we searched the recording,during the Ming dynasty nori was already be cultivated in China. So we focused at the order of that timeline to created the brand "EDOZEN", means that the prevalence of seaweed (nori) is before the period of Edo.


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