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What is the Role of Soy Sauce

December 21,2021

soy sauce is mainly brewed from soybeans or black beans, wheat or bran, and salt through oil production and fermentation processes.The main raw material of soy sauce is soybeans. Soybeans and their products are rich in minerals selenium and flavonoids. Selenium has anti-oxidant and anti-cancer effects. Therefore,soy sauce can also prevent cancer.

The soy sauce of the Chitsuruya in Jiangsu is high quality.

 The Chiteuruya puts the safety of products in the first place, pays attention to the credit of customers, and we attach great importance to the feedback of customers. The Chitsuruya have strict requirements for the process of producing soy sauce, so choosing our products will give you peace of mind.

Adding a certain amount of soy sauce when cooking food can increase the flavor of the food and make its color more attractive, thereby increasing appetite. High-quality soy sauce is reddish brown or brown, bright, shiny, delicious, salty and sweet, mellow and soft, it can improve the taste and change the flavor.

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