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How to Make a Delicious Sukiyaki

February 28,2022

Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish. It is named after grilling meat on the fire to satisfy the stomach.

 Depending on the region, there are different recipes and procedures. Sukiyaki is also known as hoe burning. You can put any ingredients you like in the sukiyaki pot. The main ingredients are usually: thinly sliced beef, spring onion, chrysanthemum, Chinese cabbage, enoki mushrooms, raw shiitake mushrooms, shredded onions. You can mix seasonings such as Japanese soy sauce, sake, mirin sugar, katsuobushi, katsuobushi, and chili powder as a soup base.

If you want to make more authenticsukiyaki. Choosing Japanese soy sauce is an important step. Chitsuruya’s Sukiyaki is an authentic zero-addition Japanese soy sauce. According to the grade of soy sauce, it belongs to the highest grade. And the environment in which soy sauce is produced is particularly clean and hygienic, so you can choose our products with confidence.

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