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Mirin fuu 1.8L

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Who we areA Seasoned Sauce manufacturer Story

Chitsuruya brand seasoned sauce started to selling in EU and Asia market in 2001. For years Chitsuru foods, is dedicated to the manufacture of premium Japanese style seasoned sauce. To provide the kinds of seasoned sauce with the competitive price, we are enjoying good reputation all of world.

More informationSpecification and MOQ

Seasoned sauce is one of most well-known condiments in Japanese cuisine. The most popular packing size for commercial is 1.8L.

Name TYPE HS code Packing specification L/ctn MOQ
Unagi Sauce sweet 2103909000 PET 1.8L*6/ctn 100
Teriyaki Sauce sweet 2103909000 PET 1.8L*6/ctn 100
BBQ Sauce sweet 2103909000 PET 1.8L*6/ctn 100
Mirin Fuu sweet 2103909000 BIB 18/ctn 200

Seasoned sauceUsage Scenario

Chitsuru Foods can offer kinds of seasoned sauces.

We control the quality of each piece of Seasoned Sauce

The company strictly in accordance with the HACCP quality management system standards for the implementation of production, strict control of key control points.

  • Sterilization
  • Hot Filling
Shipping Shipping

Shpping and PackingShipping

Our nearest ports are Nantong Port and Shanghai Port. We have been cooperating with the most professional local food international freight forwarding company for more than 20 years, and we can complete the tasks such as loading and transportation on board on time to ensure that the goods arrive at the port safely and on time.

Shpping and PackingPacking

Our products are packaged in accordance with uniform standards, from the inner bag to the outer box using high-quality packaging materials to ensure that the goods are delivered to customers with good packaging appearance and no damage to the goods.