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The Developing History of Soy Sauce

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Like other soy foods, soy sauce has a long and wonderful history of use in many cuisines, especially cuisines in China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, Indonesi,a and the Philippines. The Chinese character "sho" appeared in recipes as early as the 1st century AD in China and referred to a fermented food either made from vegetables or alternatively from flesh or fish. Over the course of several hundred years, the food fermentation process used to create "sho" became more popular both inside and outside of China. In Japan, the word "shoyu" began to be used in reference to soybean-based pastes that had been fermented in this way. "Shoyu" is still the correct word in Japanese for referring in general to soy sauce (rather than to particular types of soy sauce, for example, tamari, shiro, or koikuchi).

During the earliest periods of soy sauce use, it's very likely that this "sauce" was not consumed in the form of a liquid but rather in the form of an unrefined paste. (The word "moromi" was often used in Japanese cuisine to refer to this early paste-like form of soy sauce. Today, this paste-like form of soy would often simply be described as "miso.") It may have taken as many as 500-1,000 years for soy sauce to become popular in the form of a true liquid.

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