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Fermented Soy Sauce And Blended Soy Sauce

Time : 2017-12-13 Hits : 249

As we all know, the fermented soy sauce should brewed in three to six month. However, the blended soy sauce only need ten hours!

It is not in accordance with national standards and is harmful to the human body to make soy sauce with condiments and chemical compounds.

We have learnt that we can distinguish soy sauce of high quality through its nitrogen amino acid content. Also, we have other ways. First, we can see the bubbles. Shake soy sauce bottle, brewing soy sauce foam size is more uniform and it's not easy to disperse; also, blended soy sauce foam size is different and it is easy to disperse. Second, we can see its performance of hanging bottle wall. After shaking the soy sauce bottle, the soy sauce has a good hanging wall, it stays on the inner wall of the soy sauce bottle for a long time, and the inner wall is easy to color.

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