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Sushi Is A Kind Of Food

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Sushi is a kind of food. Sushi comes from Japan, and has a long history. It's a popular dish in America, the UK, and many other countries.

Sushi is made with rice. All types of sushi have some kind of rice. The rice is mixed with vinegar. There are other things in it like vegetables and raw fish called "neta". Some sushi is wrapped in seaweed (sometimes called "nori").

There are different kinds of sushi. Nigiri sushi is made with fish or vegetables that are put on top of sushi rice. Maki sushi is made with fish or vegetables rolled up inside rice.

Sushi can be eaten with hands or chopsticks. Soy sauce, wasabi, gari (sweet, pickled ginger), and other toppings are often put on sushi.

In Japan, sushi is sometimes sold in"conveyor-belt shops", where plates of sushi are put on a moving belt which passes by the customers. People freely take the sushi they want as it passes. The color of the plate shows the price of the sushi.

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