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Welcome to chitsuru foods, a leading Roasted Seaweed supplier and manufacturer.

Roasted seaweed, also known as nori, is a staple ingredient in many sushi dishes. It adds a unique flavor and crunchy texture to rolls and other dishes, making it a popular choice for sushi restaurants and other food establishments. As a leading roasted seaweed supplier & manufacturer, we at Nantong Chitsuru Foods Co., Ltd. are committed to providing the highest-quality roasted seaweed products to our customers.

What we doOur Roasted Seaweed Products

We offer a variety of roasted seaweed products, including nori, dulse, and kelp. Each type has its own unique flavor and texture, making it suitable for different dishes and preferences. Our nori sheets are thin and crisp, making them perfect for rolling around sushi fillings. Dulse has a slightly sweet and savory flavor, making it a tasty addition to salads and other dishes. Kelp has a mild and slightly salty flavor, and it can be used as a garnish or added to soups and other dishes.

Who we areA Roasted Seaweed manufacturer Story

At chitsuru foods, we are dedicated to producing high-quality roasted seaweed products for our customers. Our company has been in business for over 20 years, and we are committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly methods to harvest our seaweed. We are proud to hold SEDEX/BRC/HACCP/ISO/FDA/HALAL/KOSHER , which ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality. As a roasted seaweed supplier & manufacturer, we are committed to providing the best products and service to our customers.

More informationSpecification and MOQ

The price of seaweed depends on the different quality levels and packaging specifications, we promise that every package of seaweed produced has superb quality and the best price.

Name Grade HS code Sheets/bag Bags/ctn MOQ
Roasted seaweed Gold 2008993100 50 30 80
Roasted seaweed Silver 2008993100 50 30 80
Roasted seaweed Red 2008993100 50 30 80
Roasted seaweed Green 2008993100 50 30 80

Professional manufacturerOur advanced production process

Chitsuru foods are the most important mission and responsibility of a manufacturing company.

Quality ControlWe control the quality of each piece of seaweed

The company strictly in accordance with the HACCP quality management system standards for the implementation of production, strict control of key control points.

  • Raw Material Inspection

    Raw Material Inspection

    The picking of raw materials is the first step of seaweed processing to ensure that the raw materials are free from impurities and damage.

  • Roasted


    With two fully automatic seaweed baking lines.

  • Metal Detection

    Metal Detection

    Each package of products must be tested by metal detectors to prevent metal impurities that cannot be seen by the naked eye from being mixed into the products.

Shipping Shipping

Shpping and PackingShipping

Our nearest ports are Nantong Port and Shanghai Port. We have been cooperating with the most professional local food international freight forwarding company for more than 20 years, and we can complete the tasks such as loading and transportation on board on time to ensure that the goods arrive at the port safely and on time.

Shpping and PackingPacking

Our products are packaged in accordance with uniform standards, from the inner bag to the outer box using high-quality packaging materials to ensure that the goods are delivered to customers with good packaging appearance and no damage to the goods.