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Many people confuse wakame and kelp, but there is still a difference between the two. The color of wakame is also greener than kelp, and the taste is more tender and refreshing. The iodine content of wakame is also higher than that of kelp, which is of great benefit to children's intelligence and bones. And the calories are very low, it can clean the intestines and delay aging.

List of ingredients:



Bean sprouts:50g


Salt: an appropriate amount

Vinegar:an appropriate amount

Sesame oil: an appropriate amount

Chili: 1piece

Steps of cooking

1. Wash the dried wakame, soak for about half an hour, remove and cut into shreds, rinse with water, wash the carrots and cut into shreds,

wash the bean sprouts and set aside Bring water to a boil, add wakame,carrots, and bean sprouts in sequence, cook for 3-5 minutes, pick up

and set aside. Soak all the boiled vegetables in a basin filled with cold

water for one minute. Finally, drain the water and add a little salt,

sesame oil, vinegar, dried chilies, drizzle with hot oil, mix well and serve.

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