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Tamagoyaki is composed of egg, milk, salt, relish and Japanese Chaiyu soy sauce.It's a delicious and nutritious Japanese dish.

List of ingredients

  • Eggs | 3

  • HON MIRIN | 15ml

  • Soy Sauce | 15ml

  • Sugar | 15g  

  • Edible oil | Appropriate amount

  • Water | Appropriate amount


1. First, make delicious soup:Pour together HON MIRIN, Soy Sauce and sugar, add water to 100ml, and stir until sugar dissolves.

2. Mix the yolk and the egg white well.

3.  Add in the delicious soup and mix it well.

4. Sift the beaten egg.

5.  Put oil in the pot, pour the egg liquid,When the bottom layer of the egg solidifies and there is a little liquid on the surface, roll the egg.

6. After rolling the first layer, push the omelet back to its original position.

7. Then pour the oil and the egg liquid.When the bottom layer solidifies and the surface layer is liquid, it begins to roll.(Remember, it's a little fire all the way).

8. Don't roll until the omelet is higher than the edge of the pot.

9. Use medium heat to fry all sides of Tamagoyaki into golden color, and then you can get out of the pot.

10. After it cools down, cut it into small thick pieces.

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