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When it comes to Sukiyaki, it's estimated that some of our  friends don't know it very well.

In fact, Sukiyaki is very popular in Japan, which is equivalent to Chinese hot pot.


List of ingredients


1. Wash mushrooms and baby cabbage.

2. Cut tofu into pieces and fry in oil pan until golden brown on both sides according to personal preference.

3. Cut the konjac Silk into proper length and put it on a plate for standby.

4. Boil in clear water and pour into sukiyaki of chitsuruya (This is the indispensable seasoning for sukiyaki), the proportion is 3 portions of water with one  portion of sukiyaki .

5. Then add baby vegetables, mushrooms, konjac shreds, tofu and sliced beef according to personal preferences.

6. Just enjoy the warm time.


It's very simple. It only needs the sukiyaki of chitsuruya.

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