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List of ingredients:  

Balsamic vinegar1 teaspoon

Light soy sauce1 teaspoon

Sesame oila little

Pepper: a little

Cooking wine:a little

Minced meat:100g

Ginger:a moderate amount of

Chopped green onion: a little

Egg: 3

Steps of cooking

1. Put a little oil in the potheat oil for 5 minutes(120 degrees or so), add the minced meat and stir fry, then add a little salt, a little cooking wine, a little ginger, a little pepper, a little light soy sauce to season, turn off the fire and Sheng out

2. Crack the eggs into a large bowl, add a little salt and light soy sauce, beat up the eggs in one direction.

3. Filter egg mixture,so that it turns out to be smooth. Then divide it into two small bowls, and cover with plastic wrap

4. Add cold water to the steamer, put the bowls into it, and steam for seven to eight minutes after the water is boiled

5.  Turn off the fire when the egg mixture is basically solidified, open the plastic wrap, and then add the minced meat with a spoon

6. Spread the minced meat on the egg custard, then cover the pot, and continue to steam for two to three minutes

7. Sprinkle with chopped green onions, drizzle with a little hot oil, drip a little balsamic vinegar and sesame oil

8. The delicious Steamed egg with minced meat is ready.


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