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List of ingredients:  

Rice:a moderate amount of

Ham:1 piece

Cucumber:1 piece

Carrot:1 piece

Dried meat floss: a little

Seaweed:2 pieces

Cherry blossom powder:a little

Sushi vinegar:a moderate amount of  

Pickled radisha moderate amount of 

Steps of cooking

1. Cut the materials(HamCucumberCarrot) into strips for later use.

2. While the rice is hot, put 1 teaspoon of sushi vinegar and mix well.

3. Take out a piece of seaweed, put a plastic wrap on the sushi curtain, and then put the seaweed on it.

4. Spread the mixed rice flat on the seaweed, put carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, and ham sticks,and then sprinkle the dried meat floss.

5. After the sushi rolls are made, remove the plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for 5 minutes.

6. Take out the sushi rolls from the refrigerator, cut into sections, and sprinkle with cherry blossom powder.

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