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Sushi handroll is one of the most popular traditional food in Japan. It is mainly made of cold rice seasoned with vinegar and topped with  seafood, vegetables or eggs. It tastes delicious and is very popular in Japan.


sushi nori4


Spicy Chinese Cabbage:  Moderate amount

Carrot: half

Cucumber:  half

Pea seedlings| Moderate amount

Egg: 1

sushi vinegar:  Moderate amount


1. Stir the steamed rice with sushi vinegar

2. Carrots, cucumbers and pickles are shred

3. Pour the egg liquid,fry to make omelettes, then remove and cut into strips

4. The seaweed is baked, place the sushi rice, kimchi, carrots, eggs and pea shoots on the seaweed, and roll the seaweed into a cone to serve.


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