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Braised rice balls

List of ingredients

  • Rice | 300g
  • Cooked white sesame | 10g
  • Cooked black sesame | 5g
  • Dried meat floss | 10g
  • Soy Sauce | a little

  • Roasted Seaweed | 10pcs

  • salad dressing | a little


1. Mix the rice with black and white sesame and meat floss.

2. Press the well squeezed rice balls into the triangle rice ball grinder.

3. Put a little oil into the pan and fry the two sides of the rice balls over medium heat until set.

4. Brush both sides with the burning sauce and fry until greased.

5. Cool the rice balls a little and spread a little salad dressing on the bottom of both sides.

6. Finally, dip some water on the seaweed and stick it on the rice balls.

This is very suitable for children.

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