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The Development Of Vinegar

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As we all know,being the sour coniment,vinegar is made of grains such as sorghum,rice,corn,wheat.sugar and alcohol.

Vinegar appeared before Zhou Dynasty,which was called"zuò" in ancient China.In Japan,vinegar is also called "bitter" or "zuò".

Because of natural environment, vinegar could be produced easily, Since ancient times, people had started using vinegar. Generally speaking, eastern countries make vinegar with grains while western country make vinegar with fruits and wine.

There are many manufacturers producing vinegar which has different taste.As one of the professional Japanese style foods manufacturers,Nantong Chitsuru Foods Co.,Ltd produces rice vinegar,sushi vinegar and others.Since 1996,we always adhere to the principle of health,happiness,good companion ,high quality products and perfect service to satisfy our customers.

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