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How to make Sukiyaki in home

Time : 2018-11-09 Hits : 153

There are only two months before the New Year and it gets colder and colder.

However, it’s better if we could enjoy warm food and soup in home when enjoying the snow scene outside the window.

Sukiyaki is a popular Japanese hot pot dish. When you want to DIY the dish, the Sukiyaki Sauce comes in handy.

Besides, you could prepare leafy vegetables such as cabbage,spinach and bok choy.

Tofu, shiitake mushroom, leeks and scallions/green onions could also be added. Something essential is pre-sliced beef.

Notice that we’d better make Sukiyaki Sauce first and all the ingredients are cooked at the same time in the Sukiyaki Sauce.

Finally, let’s enjoy the sukiyaki in home!

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