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Why cooking wine can not replace mirin?

Time : 2021-04-26 Hits : 65

Although they both for cooking, their properties and functions are quite different and cannot be replaced with each other.

First of all, mirin is a high-sweet cooking wine, while the cooking wine is sort of spicy and has no sweetness.

The second is that there is a big difference between the roles in cooking.

Mirin can make the color of food look better, make the taste of meat more elastic, especially when meat ingredients are stewed, even if they are cooked for a long time.

However cooking wine only has the effect of removing fishy, and does not have these special functions of mirin.

In addition, mirin has the effect of shrinking protein, which can make the meat more compact. Cooking wine is usually only to soften meat, which is the opposite of mirin.

Therefore, cooking wine cannot replace mirin in cooking.

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