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About Vinegar
  • How To Distinguish Vinegar Of High Quality Or Poor Quality?

    The very easy way is to smell it.If the vinegar smells very sour, it is of poor quality. And it was brewed in short time or added glacial acetic acid.

  • What Are The Advantages Of Brown Rice Vinegar?

    It is not only the condiment but also the health care product.

  • Is there any additives in your vinegar ?

    Our vinegar is absolutely with no additives.

  • Is vinegar healthy to drink every day?

    Yes,Our vinegar is naturally brewed with no additives, so it’s healthy to drink every day, but we recommend you drink it moderately.

  • Do we need to refrigerate vinegar?

    Vinegar is fermented and does not need to be refrigerated , but this way can retain flavor as long as possible.

  • How long does vinegar last?

    Unopened wasabi usually can last for 18 months.