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About Seaweed

  • What Gives Seaweed Its Unique Umami Flavor?

    Nature. Seaweed has a natural salty-sweet flavor that makes it taste so unique—and so good.

  • Why Do A Lot Of Seaweed Taste Fishy And Ours Doesn't?

    The most important is the quality of seaweed and then the balance of seasoning.

  • Where Can Buy High Quality Roasted Seaweed?

    Pls choose Chitsuruya brand. The seaweed we selling according to strictly processing. We followed ISO9001; HACCP standards to keep the foods safety & Clean. The good roasted seaweed has these features: dark green, flavor, tenacity, no alga in the sheet, no hole or broke sheet. Wants know more, pls contact:

  • How To Choose Dried Seaweed (Material Of Roasted Seaweed) Of High Quality?

    High grade dried seaweed: Commonly, good dried seaweed is of dark black and brown color and very bright.
                                                It tastes fragrant, tender, a little sweet and no peculiar smell.
                                                In appearance, a piece of seaweed is smooth and no damaged. 

                                               Also, it has well-distributed thickness and neat edge. No spot! No green algae! 

    (As shown below)
    Low grade dried seaweed: It is of yellow color and has no brightness.
                                               It tastes old and no fragrant.
                                               In appearance, a piec of seaweed is damaged and not smooth. 

                                               Also, it is mixed in diatoms and green algae and has spot.

    (As shown below)

  • What's The Difference Between Korean Seaweed And Chitsuruya Seaweed ?

    Korean seaweed is too crisp to make sushi and the tastes not so delicious.



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